Belton, MO – Polyjacking

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Project Description

The interior slab in the center of this home had settled approximately 1″, causing misalignment of doorways.

The homeowners called Master Mudjackers because cracks had appeared in the walls above door frames and there was a noticeable dip in the floor. This was a reoccurring problem that another contractor had attempted to repair and failed.

Our field consultant visited the home, conducted an elevation survey to determine the amount of settlement, and developed multiple repair options.  The homeowners opted to polyjack their floor since it was a good fit for their budget.

Polyjacking only requires small 3/8” injection holes, causing minimal damage to the floor for material access.

The homeowners were replacing the existing carpet; for a small fee, we pulled it up and removed the furniture from the work area.  Interior plumbing was monitored during the injection process to insure that no pipes were infiltrated with the foam. The floor lifted easily, closing the cracks, and the homeowners were able to install their new carpet on a level floor. See all our foundation repair services here.

interior polyjacking before

Area in which polyjacking will be performed. Note the crack above the doorway in the inset photo. This is a symptom of foundation/settlement issues.

interior polyjacking after

The slab and load-bearing walls have been lifted back to level.

Project Details